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Mortar Failure
Age, rain runoff and seasonal freeze/thaw cycles eventually cause the mortar between chimney bricks to crumble and fall out. Mortar joints that aren't tooled to a water-shedding, concave shape accelerate the problem, as does a step-tiered, corbeled chimney that causes roof runoff to splatter the brick.
A bigger problem is mortar that's loose or has shrunk, creating gaps between it and the brick. Cracked or damaged mortar allows water and cold air to infiltrate the chimney, where it can cause hazardous damage to the flue.
This requires repointing the brick - chipping out the old mortar and applying new material.
Solution - Call Doug's Chimney Sweep and make your repair appointment.
Protect Your Chimney From the Top Down
The flexible solution for Chimney Crowns. Protect your chimney from the top down. Water damaged or cracked chimney crowns can lead to costly chimney repairs. Fight back with CrownSealtm, the flexible crown repair formulated to withstand the severe weather and thermal stress that cause cracks. Damaged crowns allow water to deteriorate your masonry and the chimney liner. Years of water intrusion and neglect can lead to extensive chimney repairs. When the crown fails, the entire chimney system is more susceptible to damage. Guaranteed to last with a 10 year Warranty. Permanently Flexible. Maintenance Free. Natural Concrete/ Mortar Appearance. Environmentally Friendly.