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Your chimney, like most chimneys, probably appears tobe in fine condition on the outside. But let's take a close look at what really counts in chimney operation... the inside.
Uninspected chimneys could be dangerous
When we look at the interior of this same chimney we can find a number of imperfect conditions. Pieces are missing from the original clay liner and there are cracks in the clay liner. (Old chimneys might not even have a liner.) Mortar and bricks are loose and falling. And there is excessive buildup of combustible creosote on the flue walls. These conditions are the result of a number of possible causes, including; flue fires, an improperly vented or misused stove, poor construction, excessive moisture, and more. With continued use of this chimney, any of these conditions could lead to loss of property or life.
It happened thousands of times last year - chimney defects resulted in home fire. It doesn't take much to start a home fire...a spark fitting through a crack in the chimney wall into the attic...a chimney ember igniting a creosote fire which then climbs the full height of the chimney �looking� for an opening in the chimney wall...or simply excessive heat reflected through chimney walls when a clay liner is missing. Fortunately, the problems of a deteriorating chimney can be corrected without completely rebuilding your chimney.
Chimney fires result from unlined chimneys
Doug's Chimney Sweep will restore or revitalize your chimney by putting a stainless steel liner plus insulation between your chimney flue and the defects in your chimney walls. This will add to the safety of your home and family. And it will increase the resale value of your home. HomeSaver's 4-ply stalinless steel construction is unsurpassed in strength and protection. It has been tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories to their highest heat test standard. And for woodburning applications, HomeSaver Chimney Relining Systems are warranted for as long as you own your home.* Doug's Chimney Sweep can reline virtually any chimney configuration you may have - from single, straight flues to multiple, connected flues with bends and size changes. Call me today for all the details.